Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is a thrilling and popular game with simple rules. The blackjack rules are not very complicated, and the game is easy to play. Blackjack gets much of its popularity from the element of skills and a mix of chance. Blackjack is suitable for casual participating players because casino odds are less. It makes blackjack among the most attractive casino games. The dealers are in charge of shuffling, handling bets, and dealing cards. There are several blackjack types offered as Single Player and Multi-Player tables. On Blackjackonline21ca site, you will find an in-depth black jack guide. This blackjack guide will cover everything about blackjack game rules.

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Purpose of the Blackjack Game

The main rules for blackjack games is to beat the dealer. The aim is to have a hand with a value that is higher than the dealer’s and not exceeding 21. The blackjack card values are 1 to 11. Jack, queen, and kings have a value of 10. The aces in blackjack can have a value of either 1 or 11. The card’s combination determines the value. While the best score is 21, hand values exceeding 21 are losses. When the dealer’s hand is higher than yours by the end of the game, it is also a loss.

How to Play Blackjack

  • Player buys chips

    The first thing you need to do is decide if you want to play for free or real money. Before you can play you need to buy chips. If you are playing for real money you. buy chips with your deposit. If you are playing for free there will chips available free of cost.

  • Player places bet

    The first round starts by placing a bet in the betting circle. You can choose your bet size. Different casinos have different bet sizes.

  • Dealing Blackjack

    When you have placed the bet the dealer deals the cards. In the first round, the dealer will deal one face-up card to each player clockwise. The dealer receives a face-down card in the first round. The dealer deals a second round face-up card to the player and receives a face-up card.

Player decisions

Hit:Hit is the most common move in blackjack. There is a lot of strategy that goes into deciding your move with the two cards you receive. It is a smart move to hit if the sum of your cards is 4. When you hit you will get a new card. If the sum of the cards is 9, you can hit again. Repeat the hit move until you reach 21.
Stand:Stand is the opposite of hit. If the sum of your cards is 19 you should stand. The odds of winning are higher if you stand in this scenario. If you stand it means you will not get any new cards. The dealer can continue to hit and then it revealed who the winner is. To stand is a frequent move used in almost every round of blackjack.
Double down:If you double down it means doubling up on your wager. It also means you decide to stand for the next round.  You win you will receive double the money wagered.
Split a pair:You can decide to split if your two hole cards have the same value. If you split you will get two hand independent from each other. You can hit or stand for each of the new blackjack hands.

Additional Rules

If the dealer has a face-up card which is an ace the players can insure their bets. The player will get a 2:1 payout if the dealer’s face-down card has a 10-value. Surrender is a move you can choose to make at the start of every round. You can only make this move at the start of a round. If you have received bad cards and you are sure you will lose you can choose to surrender. If you surrender you will get half of your bet back. The house retains the other half.

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The Blackjack Deck

Blackjack how to play varies from game to game. There are many choices in several online casinos. Even if the rules are different for different variants the rules are easy to follow. If you need to verify anything there is usually a help option. Blackjack decks differ. Even if one deck is common many times, it can be between six to eight.

You play the blackjack game with standard 52-card packs. Usually, real money blackjack casinos shuffle several decks of cards together. Six-deck games are the most popular. The dealer also uses a blank plastic card. The Blank card indicated when to reshuffle the cards, but the card is never dealt. If the game uses more than three decks the dealing of cards happens from a shoe. The shoe is a box that makes it possible for the dealer to remove cards one by one, face down without holding packs.

Values of Сards in Blackjack

Blackjack card value: 2-10Card value blackjack is between 2-10 count as face value. A 2 still has a value of 2, 3 has a value of 3 and the same for all card values until 10 as in the example below:

2:2; 3:3; 4:4; 5:5; 6:6; 7:7; 8:8; 9:9; 10:10

Blackjack card value: Jack, Queen, KingThe value of cards in blackjack which are jacks, queens and kings are valued 10.
Blackjack card value: AceCards value in blackjack which are aces is usually valued at 11, unless the value would mean the hand exceeds 21, in which case it is values as 1. A hand with an ace with 11 as a value is a soft hand. Otherwise, it is a hard hand.

Chip Value

Most casino chips have colour codes. The colour codes will signify the denomination. The value is also imprinted in the chip in most cases. A white chip signifies  $1 denomination in most cases, red  $5, green  $25, black  $100, purple $500 and orange $1000.

Blackjack Tables Layout

Blackjack Tables Layout

The blackjack online game has a special table to deal the cards on. There is either a separate square or circle for every player. There is a betting circle in front of a player’s space where they place their bets. Bets are only counted if they are in the betting circle.

Blackjack: Hard VS Soft Hand

Hard and soft hands have different blackjack odds. The ace makes the difference between the two hands. If you receive an ace at the start of the round your hand is a soft hand. This is because the ace can be either 1 or 11. If you receive an ace and an 8 the value will be 9 or 19. If you are not dealt an ace then your hand is a hard hand. The hand can not have two totals in this case. Two 5 cards can only be 10, and a queen and 10 can only be 20.

Blackjack Rule Variations

  • Number of Decks in Play

    Usually, blackjack variants use several decks. The number of decks varies. It can be between two to eight. Some places have single-deck blackjack. The number of decks increases the house edge.

  • Dealer’s soft 17

    Dealer’s usually have to stand when they have soft 17. As mentioned before, a soft 17 is a hand worth 17 with an ace. The rule varies in some variants of blackjack. The dealer can hit past that in some cases. It increases the house edge by around 0.2%.

  • Doubling

    Players can double in some variants. They can double on certain hands. To double removes profit opportunities. It puts the player at a disadvantage. The house edge can increase to 0.18% which is quite high compared to the possibility to double on any starting hand.

  • Doubling after a split

    In some games, players can double after splitting. In other games, players are not allowed to double down after a split. If the player can not double down the house edge increases by around 0.15% if they can not. It is an advantage to players if they can double down after splitting.

  • Resplitting

    Resplitting is a move used after an initial split. In the right circumstances, it can be an advantage. Not all game variants permit it. If it is not allowed the house edge increases by around 0.1%.

  • Surrendering

    Surrendering is forfeiting a hand after the deal. The player does this at the cost of half their stake. It is right only in limited circumstances. It does not make a huge difference. Since it is an advantage the house edge is still affected. The effect depends on the rules of blackjack on when players can surrender.

  • Dealer peak

    If the dealer’s exposed card is a ten or an ace and they check for blackjack it is dealer peek. The hand ends if it is a blackjack. It is an advantage to the player. It is right to split or double against ace or 10 in some cases. Those bets lose if the dealer has blackjack. The player can avoid losses by finding out if the dealer has blackjack.

Payout for Blackjack

Certain live blackjack casinos have reduced the payout for player blackjacks. It is quite rare that this happens. It usually happens in blackjack online games where most rules are favourable to the player. A payout reduced to 6:5 rather than 3:2 increases the house edge by more than 1%.

Blackjack Terminology

3:2 Blackjack: 3:2 blackjack means for example every 2 you bet you will get paid 3.
6:5 Blackjack:In 6:5 blackjack, for every 5 bet you will get paid 6.
Basic Strategy Chart:The blackjack strategy chart shows the player how to play. It can show you exactly when to double down, split pairs, surrender or hit and stand.
Busting:In blackjack busting is the term used for going over 21. The total should be 21 if you go over your bust and lose your bet.
Counting cards:Counting cards is a strategy used by some players in blackjack. Players determine if the remaining cards are good or bad. Cards lower than 6 are bad, while cards over 10 are good.
Double down:Doubling down is when the player doubles their bet and receives only one more card.
Face down:Face down is the term given to cards that are facing down and not visible.
Face up:On face-up cards players can see the card’s value.
Insurance:Insurance is available after the dealing of cards and if the dealer shows an ace. It is a side bet that the dealer has blackjack.
Shoe:A shoe is a term for a gaming device that holds cards.

Game Variants

  • Spanish 21: Spanish 21 is a unique blackjack game with some differences. There is a difference in how the game plays out. Players can take side bets too. Spanish 21 uses six decks of cards. Players will receive two cards and then keep receiving cards. The aim is to decide to stand and not exceed 21. When a player has placed a bet, they receive cards and decide to hit or stand. The dealer follows and the winner is the one with the highest hand. Players in Spanish 21 can split paired cards. They can then continue betting with two hands. Resplitting is possible if the player receives another pair.
  • 21st-Century Blackjack: 21st-Century Blackjack always uses many decks of cards at least 2 decks of cards and up to eight. Players in 21st-Century Blackjack do not bust if they exceed 21. 22 is the highest hand called natural. There are several differences between regular blackjack and 21st-century Blackjack. The most basic difference is that it uses multiple decks. It uses between 2 and 8 decks. 21st-century Blackjack uses a deck of 53 cards since the joker is in the deck. The joker is a wild card. It helps the payers to get a total of the 22, the maximum hand of 22 is a natural 22. The player can place up to 3 bets by placing bets in any wagering circles. Certain casinos have wagering limits. Players can be on other hands. If the hand the player is betting on wins the player wins. If the hand the player is betting on looses the player will loose.
  • Double Exposure Blackjack: A main difference of Double Exposure Blackjack is that the dealer has two face-up cards. The dealer either hits or stands on soft 17. Players are not allowed to double after a split. The first step of double exposure blackjack is to make a wager. Players can hit until they exceed 22 and bust.
  • Double Attack Blackjack: In Double Attack Blackjack uses 48-card decks since the 10s are not included in the decks. You can surrender at any time and receive one card after split aces.
  • Blackjack Switch: Blackjack Switch is without a doubt a favorite for many players. Geoff Hall patented the variation in 2009. It has been gaining popularity ever since. In this multi-hand game variant, you always play with two hands. The original bets need to be the same. This variant differs because of the fact that you can switch cards between hands. You can avoid busting because of this. Also, you have the chance to improve your total. The dealer needs to hit on soft 17 in most cases. There are either six or eight decks in this variant. You are able to double down after splitting. You can double down two initial cards. The super match side bet is an optional side bet in Blackjack Switch. You get an advantage over the casino from the rule which permits you to switch cards. In Blackjack Switch make two wagers to start a hand. players can also take the second card from one hand and switch it to the other. Switched hands with a 20 value and ace card count as 21, not blackjack. Players push if the dealer has 22, and the dealer busts on 23 or higher.
Blackjack Switch
Blackjack Switch

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Blackjack Multiplayer
Blackjack Multiplayer

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Blackjack Surrender
Blackjack Surrender

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Blackjack History

Blackjack is a sophisticated game that many enjoy across the globe. Since the 16th century, the game has adapted and evolved to be one of the most popular card games. The game is not likely to go grow unpopular anytime soon. It has made the transition into online platforms in virtual casinos. It is generally believed that blackjack has its origin in 1700. It is also believed that the game originated from European casinos. In the 18th century, twenty-one was popular in French casinos. The aim was to reach twenty-one without going over. Twenty-one was first recorded in Spain in the early 17th century. Blackjack found its place in America in the 1800s. To keep players coming gaming houses offered bonus payouts. One bonus payout was a ten-to-ten payout for hands with aces of spades and jack from either two black suits. This hand-made blackjack.

FAQ: How to Play Blackjack in Canada

The purpose of blackjack is to get a card value higher than the dealer. The dealer can not exceed twenty one.
Dealers deal the cards in blackjack from left to right, Starting with the player to your left. Dealers deal a face up card to the player followed by a face down card to the dealer.
Typically the standard 52-deck card packs are used. In many casinos several decks are shuffled. Six-deck games are the most popular.
The value of an ace in blackjack can be either 1 or 11. If the value of the cards exceed 21 the value is 1, in other cases the value is 11.
Double down is to double a bet in the middle of a hand. As you double down your bet you get one extra card in return.
Split is offered when a player has two cards of the same value. To split them is to split the cards for two different hands. The player receives another card for every hand.
Surrender in blackjack is optional. When you have seen your cards you can give up half of your bet.
You can split if you have two cards with the same value. For example if you have two 8s, you can split them apart.
It is best to hit when you have a 9 or less. It is also recommended if you have 12-16.