Live Blackjack Online in Canada

The typical black jack live game setting is online, with a blackjack live dealer in the studio overseeing the bet-placing and other aspects. Players can chat amongst themselves and with the dealer through chatrooms as a live black jack game takes as many of the features available offline as possible.  This article is dedicated to blackjack live casino gaming for Canadians, and we will explore the things a newbie gambler needs to know to get started.

Best Live Blackjack Casinos

Rules of Live Blackjack

The casino live blackjack dealers are in their studios conducting the game that players can access from their laptops, PCs, tablets, iPads, or smartphones. Rules remain the same as those of a regular online blackjack setup, with the main difference being players have a dealer instead of computers.

Players aim to get to 21 as soon as possible without a bust or before the dealer gets a blackjack. When cards are dealt, any player wants to check theirs to know the next step, and at this point, you can hit, stand, or split. A split is necessitated by a player receiving similar cards – the same value, number, or both. A split hand allows you to play two hands simultaneously, each having the same value.

A hit, which happens when you take an additional card, is necessary when you don’t have a good hand from your two upcards. If you do not hit, you can stand with a good hand. The next player will make their move, and the game will continue until either the house wins or one of the players reveals a good hand. Casinos may have upward limits of up to $5,000 and sometimes even higher for VIP players, so you can stake as much as possible.

These are the basic rules of live dealer online blackjack

  • You are aiming at 21 and not a number higher, as that will be a bust.
  • You can split, hit, or stand as moves depending on the cards dealt by the dealer. You can split two similar cards into two hands of the same bet value.
  • Ace is worth 11 or 1 if the other card makes it go above 21.
  • Face-up cards are worth their face value.
  • The blackjack live dealer will hand you two face-up cards to start with while they retain the same number with one face-down.
  • If one player in a multiplayer game goes bust (loses), the rest keep going. In a single-player scenario – the player goes above 21 – the house wins regardless of cards held by the dealer.
  • You automatically win if you are dealt an Ace and a 10.
  • You can take out insurance if it looks like the dealer has better cards than you as the game progresses. Insurance pays out 1:1.
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Gameplay in Live Blackjack

Players of only need a little experience in the game as there is enough online material with strategies that will lead to good gaming results. When the live dealer blackjack online hands you your face-up cards, look at them to know whether to stand, hit or split.

The gameplay:

  1. The dealer asks you to place bets and deals the cards.
  2. Move as per your cards. Stand is when you take no action because you have a good hand.
  3. Split if you have two similar cards in number, color, or suit.
  4. Hit in live online blackjack by picking another card to add to your two.
  5. The house, through the dealer, makes its move.
  6. The live online blackjack dealer announces the winner.

If the online live dealer blackjack has an Ace as his up card, you may want to take out insurance to prevent you from losing if their face-down card is good. A live black jack online dealer only reveals their hole card when the game is about to end, or someone wins. It helps to play free blackjack versions of the game before trying a live blackjack online match that will require all players to place live black jack online bets.

Advantage of Live Blackjack

Advantage of Live Blackjack

Playing at the best live blackjack casinos almost feels like being at a land-based gaming house with friends. If you choose a multiplayer game, you can chat with the dealer and other players through the chatroom. You also get to observe all the events, removing any doubt of rigging as you play. You will need to register an account at your preferred site to verify your personal details. Canadian players must be 18 and above to play at live blackjack casinos, so the ID will be your ticket to the gaming site.

Live games are not free since all players are expected to place wagers, so this will discourage newbies that want to test the waters. You get to witness the action live since the computer shows all the activities your fellow players and the dealer takes, so there is that sense of control and transparency. Blackjack live casinos use random number generators to ensure that no dealer interferes with the running of a game or the choice of winners. Chatrooms are open, and everyone gets to interact as they wish to make the experience as real as possible, which is why most players compare it to land-based casinos.

Before playing, you want to check the variety of games offered at your selected table as they differ slightly. Though the gameplay may be the same, there are a few aspects that a player will want to check out to be sure they are placing wagers for their preferred real money blackjack version.

In a nutshell:

  • Games are not rigged at live casino blackjack
  • The convenience of playing at a live blackjack casino for real money from your house.
  • A variety of games is available to you.
  • You are allowed to choose your dealer for the game.
  • Live interaction with fellow players and the blackjack online dealer.

Live Blackjack vs. Online Blackjack

The rules of this version and regular blackjack are the same, so the only difference between the two is the platform. The online version is between a player and their device, while live online blackjack involves dealers and powerful cameras. While playing online, you will not have the option to chat with fellow players while at the virtual live black jack online table, the camaraderie between players and dealers is felt. Most players feel the atmosphere that live blackjack online creates mirrors that of land-based gambling. Another crucial factor is that you can play online jackpot for free but have to place a wager to secure your spot on the virtual live blackjack table.

There are many similarities: the blackjack rules and gameplay are the same, you can choose between single and multiplayer options, and you would have to place bets as no version of live blackjack is free. Players would benefit immensely from all the information on gameplay and strategies available online.

Top Live Blackjack Casinos

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Main Types of Live Blackjack Online

The primary goal of all blackjack variants is to reach 21 before the online blackjack live dealer or other players in a multiplayer setting. These are the main variants you will find at a live blackjack online casino.

Common Draw

This NetEnt online live-dealer version features 6 decks of cards and is aired from the company’s studios in Malta to players in Canada and all other parts of the world. The rules are the same as the other versions, and the bet sizes are C$1 – C$500 to encourage all levels of players. This version allows players to double down even after splitting, except when they have split Aces.

Perfect Pairs

This live dealer blackjack online variation allows players to place additional bets in case their initial cards are of the same value. They could have the same face value, be similar in every aspect, or be mixed (mixed value and different colour but the same number). This version has special live blackjack tables online, so you want to ask the blackjack online live dealer whether you are seated at the right one for this game.

VIP Blackjack

This could be any of the above variants offered to high-rollers with VIP status. The dealers will go out of their way to present you with a game worthy of the money you are willing to spend. The maximum limits are higher to make the stakes high.

How Live Dealer Blackjack Works

A live blackjack casino online studio is fitted with HD cameras to broadcast the action when the dealer shuffles the cards through an automatic shuffler and runs them through a chip reader. They then deal them to all players at the table at the best live blackjack online, and the game begins. The best online live blackjack sites have Random Number Generators, so the house does not interfere with the game in any way.

Players get their turns to make their moves through their selected platforms – PCs, phones, iPads, and Tablets, and eventually, the dealer announces the winner. You get a wholesome experience when you play the game at legit Canadian casino sites.

Technicalities of the Live Game

The game is similar in every sense to the online version, with a few tweaks. Software developers have dealers streaming the events live from the studio, where HD cameras ensure the player enjoys every moment. The cards are passed through computers so the chips can record them when they are dealt, and so players can follow the actions of each other from the screen. Every player has to place their bets as there are no free versions of live blackjack.

The game starts once everyone has their bets in place and is ready to get some action rolling. You will be able to see how the rest move from your end, and their cards will be visible since they are all face-up. A dealer leads the game online from their actual station and ensures the table remains lively through banter and chatter. Live blackjack dealers aside, think of the microchips that read your cards and RNG technology that ensures a genuine game.

Live Blackjack Betting Limits

You will be required to place a wager to sit and play at a casino with a live dealer. The lower limits may vary from C$1-5 depending on casinos, but you can go as high as C$5 per hand. Most casinos have categories of players from the smallest to high spenders. High rollers get larger maximum limits, as they can go as high as C$15,000 at some casinos. You want to select a payment method that allows you to withdraw as much as you wish.

Live Black Jack Tips 

The live blackjack dealer deals you cards and starts the game. The dealers have a hidden hole card, but the face-up one shows you how to proceed.

  • If you can help it, play one hand at a time. Juggling two could make you neglect one.

  • Split if you get two cards of the same value and start playing two hands. 

  • Make use of the information available online for strategy development, including blackjack charts.

  • Insurance: Do not be in a rush to take it out unless the blackjack live dealer has an Ace as their up-face card. You can hit when on soft 17.

  • Watch the moves the others make to learn from them and when it is your turn to make a move, try not to rush it.

Live Blackjack Tactics

Blackjack is one of the table games you will find at casinos that seasoned players frequently play, whether at land-based Canadian casinos or live blackjack at online sites. Though the game requires skill, newbies don’t have to shy away because the strategies applied can be learned.

You will be wise to apply a blackjack strategy while playing live blackjack online Canada to increase your chances of winning. When the dealer deals cards, look at yours and decide the action you need to take. If they have an Ace as their face-up card, you may want to take out insurance to cover your potential losses. If you have two cards of the same value, split to play two hands simultaneously.

You can hit if you have a soft 17 and the dealers have 7 or lower or their face-up cards. Stand if you have Ace and 6-8. A good game requires you to take your time to prevent any rush decisions. If the version of live blackjack games you are playing allows you to double down, then make a move while you still can. You may want to take your time before deciding on insurance, especially when the dealer’s face-up card is not Ace.

Best Live Dealer Casinos for Canadian Players

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Bizzo Casino
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Live Blackjack Payment Methods

Deposits usually take a few minutes and can be done when you take your seat at the live blackjack casino. Withdrawals take some hours, 12-48, depending on the method – since the casino has to make some verifications.

The most important features of a good payment option are security, upper and lower limits, acceptability in your region and casino of choice, the currency used, and ease of use. eWallets pass most of these tests and have the added benefits of being quite fast with processing transactions and convenience as you can transact through the phone.

Top Choices for Canadian Blackjack Players

  • Instadebit

    This option enables the transfer of money from your bank account to the casino site. It partners with several banks in Canada to facilitate this. 

  • Interac

    This Canadian network allows you to transfer funds through your email to other platforms easily and fast. It links to MasterCard for even better transferability. 

  • iDebit

    It makes it possible to fund your gaming account straight from your bank without entering too many personal details. 

  • eCheck

    You simply generate the e-version of a paper check to pay directly into your casino account to play a quick blackjack live dealer game. It only works for deposits. 

  • Bitcoin

    Play a live dealer blackjack game after funding your account using BTC quickly and safely. It is the fastest withdrawal option at the moment and is widely acceptable by casinos.

What do you look for when choosing a payment method?

Availability: Not all eWallets are available in all regions, so it helps to check whether your selection is available at the casino. Debit cards are universally accepted, but some casinos may restrict some eWallets.

Security: Is the option exposing your personal data or other information to online fraud? If users complain of negative exposure or the reviews for the service are questionable, you may want to check again.

Ease of Use: Most casino players want to transact through their phones and get things moving along, so this convenience is a major determinant of your chosen method. eWallets win as you can make transfers from your phone or email.

Limits: Casinos impose lower limits, and it helps for them to match those given by the payment option. Where possible, choose a payment method that allows you to deposit and withdraw your winnings.

Mobile Live Blackjack

Mobile gaming has worked favourably for live blackjack Canada as players can now access the game through their phones, tablets, and iPads. You do not need to download any special software to play live online blackjack, yet you will get all the functionalities of a PC. The games are designed to fit perfectly on smaller screens without compromising the game’s quality or any of the features that will help a player get the best out of live black jack online. Mobile live blackjack online observes all the game’s rules.

Live Blackjack Software

The biggest names in gaming software also have high-end black jack live studios.

Evolution GamingIt was founded in 2006 and has been present across Europe and North America since. EG’s black jack is played at casinos all over the world.
NetentThis organization sets the pace for how casino games are set. Having been in the industry since 1996, the management has researched and known what works, and their live blackjack is one of them. They present Blitz, 7-Seat, and Perfect Blackjack.
PlaytechIt was founded in 1999, and dealers stream live blackjack straight from Playtech’s high-end studios. This organization has all the variations of blackjack.
Pragmatic PlayIt was founded in 2015 and already has offices in Malta, Gibraltar, Ukraine, the Philippines, the UK, and India. Pragmatic Play presents Azure and ONE Blackjack.

Bonuses and Promotions

We encourage players to take all the bonuses they can get to stretch their money. Casinos that offer this game give bonuses based on deposits and special events.

Deposits: You get cash to play live online blackjack when you register an account with a casino for the first time and successfully fund it. You will need to meet some playthrough requirements, so it pays to read the conditions first.

Specific Offers: They are based on specifics, such as using BTC to fund your account. Others specify the games you can use the bonuses for such as offers on live dealer blackjack or roulette.

No Deposit: You will not need to deposit a cent with this offer, but you will have some restrictions if you read through the T&Cs.

Other Offers: Operators may give you free cash to spend on live black jack online during public holidays, your birthday, when launching a new product, and other special events.

How to Get Your Live Casino Bonus

You only need to follow a few steps to get an online live blackjack bonus.

  • Step 1: First, find available bonuses that you would qualify for on our site or elsewhere.
  • Step 2: Register to play the game at the casino by providing the required personal information.
  • Step 3: Read the conditions for the site to see if it suits you. If they do, accept the offer by funding your account – if it is based on deposits. If not, register an account and start playing right away.
  • Step 4: Play on to meet the wagering requirements.

Yes. Players have to register accounts at casinos to play live blackjack. Why? The casino will need to know your age and region.
In Canada, they do. They are also available in other known languages, such as French, German, and Japanese, to cater to wider markets. Most casinos customize their services based on the region.
The rules, goals, and gameplay are the same, but the delivery is different. Live blackjack involves the live dealers as they guide players through the game, while the regular online version involves a player and their device.
No, you will not need to download the game or anything else to play. Casino instant gaming makes it possible to stream the events live from the comfort of your home. 
Yes. Chatrooms make the interaction between players and dealers possible. 
No. Live blackjack requires compulsory wagering for all players. 
Unfortunately, not all casinos have live blackjack. 
Yes, the gameplay and odds are the same at live casinos as the regular online ones.