Blackjack Surrender

Robert Williams / Updated: 2023-18-07
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Surrender blackjack is a very popular online blackjack game across the world. Some people consider this game to be one of the best blackjack variations, while others consider surrender blackjack to be something more specific than other types. So keep reading this article to learn more about this game and understand its features.

Blackjack Surrender Review

To start with, blackjack surrender is a variation of the game where you can return your hand to the dealer for half of your bet. This option allows in certain cases to reduce your losses and avoid them. Most often, this opportunity is used by players with weak hands. In such a game, you increase your chances of winning by 0.10%. The maximum and minimum bets, as well as the number of decks, depend on the table you choose. However, most often dealers use 6 decks for the game. Payout is 1/1 to win the player. If you collect blackjack, then the payout will be 3/2.

Blackjack Surrender Layout

A common blackjack table layout contains markings showing the payouts, a sector for the dealer’s chip tray, and other features. It is the coating that facilitates the entire process of the game and helps to properly organize the game on the table. The whole gameplay will be led by the dealer and will indicate where and when to lay down the cards. Depending on whether you play online or offline, you will be presented with one or another coverage. Your main task is to keep a close eye on the table and pay attention to any change. First of all, the coating serves as a great clue for you. You should review the exact regulations of the game before choosing a Blackjack table to play at.

Blackjack Surrender Features

In surrender blackjack, you can refuse the combination and get half of the first bet. This can only be done if the dealer does not have a blackjack. This feature is what makes this game special. This action is best performed in certain situations to gain an advantage in the game. Typically, players will surrender when they hit a hard 15 or 16. The option is available for any two cards. Another feature is that surrender cannot be used if you have already done some action with your hand, such as doubling, drawing, setting, splitting, or insurance. If you are playing online, in order to use the above function, you will need to click on the “Surrender” button that will appear on the screen.

Consider the example of features of surrender. Imagine a situation where you get a solid 16. The croupier has a 10-card open. This means that it is a good moment to use the surrender option. For example, you placed a 12$ initial bet. When you surrender, the dealer must give you $6 back. After that, you cannot perform any actions with the combination. Thus, you were able to reduce losses in the game.

Blackjack Surrender Gameplay

If we talk about the gameplay, then we can say that it is very similar to what we are used to in standard blackjack. However, there are still some differences. Your goal is to reach 21. After you have chosen a table and placed your bet, the dealer deals you two cards to himself. After that, it is your turn. You analyze your hand and decide what action you want to take. You can split it, double the bet, leave everything as it is, and so on. When you have completed all the actions you wanted, it is high time to analyze who won. At this stage, you compare the cards with the dealer. If during the game you decide to use the surrender, then half of the bet will be returned to you.

Advantages of Blackjack Surrender

This type of blackjack offers some features and benefits. Let’s talk about them in more detail:

  • Reduces house edge by 0.10%
  • When used correctly, it can reduce waste
  • This option gives more options to the player
  • You can use both early surrender and late surrender.
  • You can play both online and offline.

As you can see, this game provides a considerable number of advantages for the player. Therefore, if you have never tried to use this option, it’s time to change it. You will be able to get much closer to victory and reduce the risk of losing.

Surrender Blackjack Casinos

King Billy Casino
Welcome Pack $2500 + 100 Free Spins
National Casino
First Deposit C$500 + 100 FS
Bizzo Casino
First Deposit Bonus C$250 + 100 FS


Playing blackjack surrender is a great opportunity to reduce the risks during the game and return half of the bet in case of a weak hand and a strong dealer’s hand. You can use both early and late surrender. If you want to lower the odds of the online blackjack Canada real money and play one of the unusual varieties of blackjack, then it’s time to try this type. For the first time, you can play for fun online without making real money bets. In this way, you can understand if you like the game, understand the surrender option and practice your strategy.